May DAY!


The title of this post refers to May First or May Day, not the S.O.S. connotation used by the Navy.  There.  We have that out of the way.   Today is a (former) day of celebration and frolicking.   This year the frolicks are a bit muted or ignored wholesale.  *sigh*

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No C-19 or social distancing in this scenario!  

Ralph Waldo Emerson: May-Day

(you can read the whole, lengthy poem by clicking the link.

I beg forgiveness of Emerson, from whose epic poem I’ve cherry picked portions which suited my fancy for this day.  The left overs still comprise a lengthy piece, and if you’re suited to reading brief posts, this isn’t going to suit. )


Daughter of Heaven and Earth, coy Spring,
With sudden passion languishing,
Teaching Barren moors to smile,
Painting pictures mile on mile,
Holds a cup with cowslip-wreaths,
Whence a smokeless incense breathes.
The air…

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World Mental Health Day.

Today is World Mental Health Day. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for nearly two decades. I’ve taken anti-depressants, such Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac for the past 17 years. It is caused by either a chemical imbalance or trauma in the past. Environmental vs biochemical. I treat both with counseling and medication. I am doing great in life, thanks to the help of my doctors, and counselors.
Medication isn’t the only answer though. Here’s what I do to make sure I am the best for my family and not down in the dumps, wasting my time away in bed.
I get adequate sleep. I try not to stress out, I try to look at the big picture, and not let little things bother me. Ignore negative people and do not let them get to you. Try to find things I enjoy. I like hiking, and taking my kids to the park, or going to the mountains.
Get out and about amongst people also helps. Talk to family and friends as well.
I get a relaxing massage. This is a huge stress reliever.
Exercise boost serotonin. I try to exercise, it helps a lot.
Also trying to eat healthy.
Reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmingly depressed or anxious. I go to the doctor and therapist for cognitive behavioral therapy.

As time goes on, I learn how to cope better. It does get better and do not give up! There is help out there, seek it, and reach your full potential.

Depression and anxiety doesn’t make you weaker, overcoming it makes you stronger.
World Mental Health Day 2019

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


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I definitely have a teenager and tween

I picked up my kids from school, after not seeing them for a day due to my work schedule. I really missed them, and wanted to reconnect. I told them I missed them, asked them how was your day, did you see your cousin at school, what did you do while with your Dad while I was working? Silence, I look over, and both of them have their earphones on listening to music! They didn’t hear a word I said. How did we get so distant? I used to stay at home with them. Such a big adjustment. They are older and I am not that exciting. I’m going to take them to the park today, so we can spend quality time, hopefully. I need to limit their screen time and break their technology addiction. How do you connect with your teenagers? They will be grown up soon, I cannot believe it.


How I quit smoking…

I am a former smoker, thanks to Nicotine Gum. It may be expensive, but in the long run, I am saving, due to the health issues smoking causes, as everyone knows.

How did I start? I was at my neighbors house having a drink. She is a smoker, and I started socially smoking. Not good I have asthma. 

I woke up the next day, after drinking and smoking with my neighbor, and I was craving a cigarette. So, off I went to my neighbors house I went for a cigarette. Almost all my co-workers smoke, so it’s a social thing as well as addicting.  I kept smoking for 3 months. 

My husband was mad, I would wease at night, my asthma was bothering me. Then I had pneumonia. I was so sick. This definitely taught me a lesson. I went to the store and bought Nicotine gum. It is pricey, but it definitely replaced the nicotine cravings! 

I would smoke one in a while, I think it’s a social thing.

I had the Jakle and Hyde thing you go through. Oh I can’t have another cigarette, I need to quit, but I’m craving one so bad! Just drove me insane. Thank goodness for this gum. 

I have been chewing nicotine gum for 4 years! I spend about $30.00 a week on the gum, but it works and I have not smoked in three years. I don’t care how much I spend, I don’t want to be a smoker, I want to be able to breathe.

Now I need to wean myself off the gum, but I love this gum. It’s a stress reliever. I have done research, I don’t know the health effects, but my doctor told me it’s not good for your cardiovascular system.  

It burns your throat at first, but give it a try! For your health


Aging got me like….

What is this? Nose hairs, and they are black, totally obvious. I’m scared to wax my nose hairs. I used to never have them. They keep germs out of your respiratory system. They have a purpose, besides making me feel ugly. I guess I can cut them.

 Grey hair? I have white hair. I like to pluck it out. I don’t like the reminder that I’m approaching 40. But grey hair means wisdom. I am getting wise with all my life experience. HA! I wonder what color I should dye my hair when I go grey, my natural brunette color or go blond?

Back pain, hip pain, arm pain, everywhere pain. Arthritis runs in the family. I lift up and transfer humans at work, it is taking a toll on my body. Exercise  like stretching helps this. Exercise in general is supposed to keep us young and healthy. Who has time for that? Between work, taking the kids to school, cleaning the house, taking care of my parents. I gotta make time. Take care of yourself and your body will take care of you when you age. That’s what I’ve learned from being a caregiver in assisted living.

 Fatigue. I’m exhausted all the time. Besides being a working Mom, am supposed to be this tired? Exercise again, and good diet helps. It is so difficult to make time for this.

I don’t have wrinkles yet. I don’t know why. I love to be in the sun. I forget to wear sunscreen. I have age spots and freckles though.

My Mom is approaching 65. She looks incredible. She looks about 40. I honestly thinks she looks better than me some days. Advice from her for skin care: use beauty cream with SPF 30, wash your makeup off at night, use aging serum, also aloe vera oil from the plant lol. Say what? Drink plenty of water, and try not to stress. Let’s see if I can look half as good as my Mom when I’m her age.

Aging serum


How I got rid of cockroaches, without spending a ton on an exterminator.

How I got rid of my worst nightmare. So disgusting. This summer, I saw a bunch of bugs on the kitchen counter, I thought to myself… What are those? Then I kept seeing them. They were scary looking. Then I told my husband, “OMG, we have cockroaches”. He didn’t believe me. He is from Florida. He was like we don’t get cockroaches out here like we do in Florida. Absolutely disgusting. How did I get them? I live in a Townhouse. We’re they from the neighbors? We’re they from a cardboard box? We had a pipe leaking water, I read that this can cause cockroaches to invade your house. Where ever they came from, they needed to leave, and never come back, and I was going to be sure of that. I hate bugs, especially cockroaches. I was mortified. I wanted to stay with my parents. The year before, I successfully got rid of bed bugs. Here is a link to how I got rid of those nasty creatures: I researched on the web on how to get rid of them. I cleaned my house thoroughly with bleach. This suckers carry e coli, disease, and nasty germs in general, since they crawl around everywhere, like the trash and the sewer, and so on. They breed and they lay eggs fast. Just like bed bugs, you gotta be on top of it, and kill them and their eggs. I could not have roaches crawling on the counters and getting my kids sick. So repulsive. I would have nightmares at night. So, after I cleaned my house, I bombed it, fumigated it. When you bug bomb your house, read the instructions thoroughly. You need to blow out the furnace and water heater pilot lights, and unplug all your appliances. I had my husband do all this. I used: Cockroach fogger. You leave the house for three hours, take the pets out, all living things, return 3 hours later, and air your house out. Then I sprayed the house. I sprayed the baseboards, the walls, under the sinks, under the toilet, in dark places, and the crawl space. You also need to spray outside. I sprayed the whole exterior of the house, 6 inches up from the ground. I used: Ortho Home Defense. This spray doesn’t have a nasty odor, or bother my asthma. The other sprays do. Then we put out combat roach bait The roaches eat it, and take it to their nest. Roaches eat dead roaches so this is really effective. Then we put out roach gel my friend from Texas recommended this. Then we put out diatomaceous earth This is fossilized powder that cuts their exoskeleton and dehydrates them and they die! This is awesome for getting rid of all bugs. It comes with a sprayer. You spray it around the baseboards, I put some on the counters since it is food grade and safe. They also sell it at the health food store for consumption but it has to be food grade. I clean it up with a broom and reapply in 3 months. They are not allowed back ever! Essential oils! We have a diffuser. They hate the smell of peppermint. You can also put peppermint essential oil on the counters to keep them away. They also hate lemongrass, and citrus. You can also mix baking soda, flour, sugar, and borax laundry detergent. They will be attracted to the flour and sugar, eat it and die. Put it on the floor, along with the DE. I haven’t seen any cockroaches in a long time. I am going to keep spraying the bug spray at least once a week with my weekly cleaning. I also spray with other cockroach sprays I will not have this happen ever again. There you have it. Michelle the exterminator. I should get a job as an exterminator. HA! Don’t think so.